Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Having a cold...

Whether it is my twinsister Tamara or it is the bacterias in the airconditioning in the airplane: I have a big cold. My throat hurts (especially last night) and I can't breathe very well through my nose. However, I think that it's going better, I do feel better than last night.

I have an address to which you can send mail, and also a Greek phone number. It costs only 22 cents to send a text sms international. I also have to find a phone card, just like Mieke, Marielle and Levinia have. With that card, you can call 3 hours for only 5 euro's.

Yesterday, we went to the Ikea to buy some little nice stuff (towels, wastebin, etc.) I have bought almost everything in blue, to make it all fit together. Today we went to the Lidl, to buy some food, as it costs much more in those little mini markets you can find everywhere.

It is also not sure when our school will start. We went to the international office today, to get some information. Luckily they were open: we've heard that they were closed for about 2 weeks. Tomorrow we want to go to our department (Mass media and communication) to get our schoolpass and all the other stuff we need. We can also choose our subjects there. However, it is not certain that we will get it, as some departments are closed, while other apartments are partly open. We have talked with some girls today, who are also living in Matsi, and they have told us some more about the strike. I finally understand what they are striking for: the government wants to privatise the universities, as Greek students get everything for free now: housing, food and college. They don't have to pay for anything.

And nobody knows when school will actually start. Some say March, some say half of April. It was also said that the schools would start in february, but obviously they haven't. So we really don't know how this is all going to end, and when we can start: IF we can start.

Okay, time for some nice pictures that I've made during my flight and the three days that I've walked around in Thessaloniki.

Mooi stukje oud-Thessaloniki:


erna said...

Hallo Judith,

Je bent nu dus een uitwisselings student zonder school.
Kun je wel wat van het land zien ondertussen.
Indrukwekkende medicijnkast trouwens.
Geniet er van en tot lezens op het forum van Claudia en Marieke.
Groetjes Erna(vogel)

Suzanne said...

Leuk dat je de titel 'Verkouden...' noemt terwijl al je "posts" in het engels schrijft... :):p