Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today we have walked to the old part of Thessaloniki, which is build on a hill, so it was hard work for me. But I've made it! The view from there was beautiful. I am not able to place pictures at the moment, but when I can I will do that, because this is something you cannot miss. I really loved it there, and it was also much cleaner than down in the city. Now I'm certain that I will not live in a city anymore, after I've moved out of the Hague. On our way down we have eaten gyros with bread and fries, it's really Greek food. Of course I didn't eat gyros (the meat), but I got a vegetable burger. They had one over there! So it was not only bread and fries for me.

Afterwards we went to the museum of contemporary arts. The two french guys, who were with us the whole day and who are also living in Matsi, are really culture raised. They could really tell a lot about it: or how to interpret it. However, after that day of walking I was really tired, so I have decided to go home with Mieke, Marielle and Levinia. They didn't like the museum very much. Or they were tired as well.

Yesterday we went to the market and the smell of all those dead animals and fish was disgusting, so I didn't really like it there.

There's much more that I want to tell, but unfortunately, I do not have much time, I'm at the computer of school. Next time I'll tell more!

Oh and by the way: it was beautiful weather as well: about 16-18 degrees, only sun, so I could walk without jacket :).


Anonymous said...

Hoi Juud,

het lijkt wel of je berichtjes steeds positiever worden - nou ja, het weer wordt steeds beter en dat speelt natuurlijk een belangrijke rol...
en wat een prestaties zeg om zo'n end 'de bult op' te lopen goed hoor!!! Leuk dat je vervolgens beloond wordt door zo'n mooi uitzicht - ik ben benieuwd naar de foto's,


Tamara said...

Ik ben ook wel benieuwd:) Iedereen zit maar rond te wauwelen over het mooie weer en ik mag gvd pas naar buiten als de zon onder gaat:S Over goede gezondheid gesproken!!!

Wel fijn dat je t r naar je zin hebt:P

xxx Tamara