Tuesday, February 27, 2007


There is actually not much to tell: I'm very very bored. School hasn't started yet, the professor we have to meet is still not in town yet, so we still do not have courses. And it looks just like the Netherlands: it has been raining all day.
Let's see if there are typical Greek things to tell. Lots of stray dogs are walking everywhere. They try to bite the cars (that's what I've heard though, not seen). But I've never seen it that much. Also going to a bar to drink a cup of coffee or something else is very expensive. The price of a cup of coffee can vary between 2 and 3,50/4 euro's.
A couple of days ago we passed a chocolate bar, where you can drink all different kinds of hot chocolate: white chocolate, with caramal, bitter, almond, etc. However, this is also very expensive: it costs 5 euro's.
On sunny days, when you're walking on the street, some cars with young Greek men who are driving by, will drive slower or stop and talk to you. In the beginning it's funny, but it can be very irritating at its moments.

New people have arrived in Matsi by the way. Yesterday was a very busy day, lot's of people came in. People fom Poland, Slovakia, Italia have arrived. There's also one new girl form the Netherlands (Nijmegen). So it's getting very busy in Matsi, but that is good too, otherwise you will be talking with the same persons every day.

That's about it for today. Hopefully I can bring more news the next time I will be online.

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Fred said...

Hoi Judith,

Jammer dat je nog niet helemaal aan de slag bent op school!
Hoop dat alles snel duidelijk wordt.
Kan je nog een beetje msn-en met je zus? als het goed is kan dat nu vanuit het zh.

Groeten en tot horen.