Saturday, February 24, 2007


The last days were better than the first. My cold is getting less, only my nose and ears are still irritating. Especially my ears: I already have a hearing problem but with this cold.... I'm getting to know most people who are living in Matsi, so that is good. I have been walking up and down the hill now every day, several times a day, so I think I have already lost some weight, haha.

The strike in Thessaloniki seems to be on its end, so we hope that we can meet the professor, who we were supposed to meet last thurday. Unfortunately, he was not in Thessaloniki at that day: why would you, without students to teach class to.
I'm still doubting whether I should take the Greek course. I think it will be really interesting, but it is a lot of work as well, I've heard. At least I can read almost all Greek letters now, except for a few which I do not see a lot.
I have heard that most courses here at the University require less work than the courses I've had in the Netherlands. I hope this is true, because I can use a little rest.

The people I've met in Matsi are all really nice. They come from lots of (Europan) countries, as it is an Erasmus house. France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Ireland: I've seen them all already. Most of the evenings we coem together in the kitchen and talk a lot with each other. I really like that, except for the fact that more than half of the people smoke.... Luckily, the window is open most of the time. It's also a lot of noise, all people speaking at the same time, so it's hard to follow sometimes, expecially with those ears of mine at the moment...

Yesterday most people went to the X-club. I didn't, just like Marielle and Anita, a German girl, who is leaving in a couple of days. I had planned to go to bed around 1 (when all people left), but it was 3 o'clock, before I saw my bed. I had been talking with Anita all the time. Now I know that she has a boyfriend in Maastricht, who is also doing the HEBO.

I also heard from a Spanish guy that there are 2 swimmingpools nearby (with ....!). One is 25 meters, but the other is the Olympic size: 50 meters long!! Jeeej, I like big swimming pools, and the entrance is for free (between 11-2) for students. Isn't that great. I am planning to go there as soon as I have my student card, until the sun will shine here and it will be warm enough to go to the sea.

Well, that was my message for today. No pictures, as I haven't made much more since the last time. I also added my room number to my address, I think that's useful to know :).

See you next time!

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