Thursday, May 31, 2007

By the way...

...I hate mosquitoes. The right of my face is covered with mosquitoe-bites!!!

Therefore, a nice game to play to loose your frustration: Hit the mosquitoe

Busy for the first time

Time flies indeed. I just saw that it is again more than a week ago that I wrote something here.

However, last week has been quite busy. Suddenly we have to hand in one thing after the other. Yesterday I finished the essay we had to hand in today, and also my feature story that we had to make for Interviewing course. Although this one is not for real yet, I have worked seriously on it, so I will know whether I'm on the right track or not. Furthermore, we have to hand in our essay for Globalization & the Arts next monday. I have now found lots of information and have to start reading it and write my essay. I have 5 days for it: today until monday, as we are allowed to hand it in by e-mail at 10 o'clock in the evening.
I just handed in my last essay for TV & Entertainment. The start of the presentation is always bad, but as the conversation continues, it becomes better. I hoped to get my grade, just as Marielle, Peter and Levinia did. However, nothing about that, I "would get it from mr. Tsourvakas". I think I've passed though ;-).

It has also started to become hot again, so last weekend we went surprising => the beach ! One could find me both saturday and sunday in Epanomi, the closest beach here, which is also the nicest one.

"Saved" by the lifeguard with his broken pink haha.
(The truth: he swam on my lilo and just came out of the water when I decided to go in)

And I've rebooked my flight!! I have just received my e-ticket yesterday. I would officially stay in Greece until the 30th of June, but as I have a lot of problems with my health, I have decided to fly back earlier (as early as possible). This was wednesday the 20th of June, as we have class (officiall) until the 15th of June. We are the only deparment that has class for such a long time, as we started later than the others and we have missed a lot of classes, because the teachers weren't there.
The only thing that I have to send them an e-mail about is the weight of my baggage. On the way to Greece I could take 30 kilos, but now it says that I can only take 20...
So, as you can see on my ticker....I'll be back in 20 days.

I also still have to put some of the pictures on my blog, from the week that my parents were here. However, they did not pick up my hint, so I haven't received any pictures of them yet. Luckily, I was checking my pictures today and I found some nice ones that I made myself.

The three of them in Meteora (no, I'm not on the picture as I took this one...)

My father, in ehh, some place on the first finger of Halkidiki
And yeah, well, Suzanne and I were in the back of the car everyday, having nothing to do, so...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pictures of Claire's party

Sad, sad girls: Claire is leaving!!

Lubi and me Claire and me
Group picture: well, I had to find a place somewhere
Alcohol starts to do its work...
Mark and me
Preeti and me, on the outside party the wednesday before
Marijn, Mieke and me, on the outside party the wednesday before
Couple of weeks ago: sitting in the sun, eating strawberries


  • "Do you feel like having a class today?"
  • "Of course, always" (acting nice always works in favor of you grade ;-) )
  • "Well, when do you want to have the exam? Monday the 11th, Tuesday the 12th, Wednesday the 13th, Thursday the 14th or Friday the 15th?"
  • "Monday or Tuesday would be the best days for us"
  • "Okay, we set the date on Tuesday the 12th then".
  • "The whole class together?"
  • "Yeah, of course, we will just have a little informal discussion"
  • "Okay..."
  • "Well, that's it for today. I'll see you next week"
So after 15 minutes of waiting, we had 10 minutes of 'class'. And then we could go :)! A little impression of our Greek life here.

Sometimes, I just LOVE Greek classes, as I didn't feel like doing much, because I have been ill (again...) And the real work has started now. I'm momentarily working on 2 essays, 1 research project, 1 feature story and German (which we have to do for school at home).

It all started last saturday, during the goodbye-party of Claire. <Claire: one of my friends here in Matsi, living in the room next to me and we shared the balcony :-)> After having her as my neighbour for 2 months, her time here was over, she had finished her project, so she went home.
Well, so my right lung started to hurt quite badly after a couple of hours. I thought it was just because I was tired. So I hoped it would have gone away the next morning. However, it had not. With every cough my lung hurted, and the next monday it still hadn't gone away. So I decided to start my extra antibiotics, that I got fromthe doctor, just in case that.... Next to this pain I also had received a cold (again).
And today on wednesday, it seems that the antibiotics do their work: again. My cold has partly dissappeared, the pain has gone away, I'm only having a short breath from time to time.

So: lucky me :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More pictures :)

When I went to Meteora with my parents and sister, other Matsi-friends where there as well (Claire, Lizzy, Susie and Lubi). One of them has send me a really cute picture, and I had made some of them as well. Check them out!

Lizzy and me
All 4 of them walking down (we'd already finished that part)

I'm also lazy in taking pictures, so I do not have much from my parents, sister and me. I'll have to wait until they send some nice ones, which I can post here (hint hint ;-) ).

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's all sunshine...

Another week has gone by. It seems like time is flying the last 2 months. March went quite slow, but April was gone before I knew it, and the same happens with May. My Greek is still quite bad haha, although I can read all of the Greek letters quite easily now. I have only about 6 weeks left now, and I have to say that I have different feelings about my return in June. At one side I want to go back because of Gerben (of course) and because of my health. On the other side, I will leave a life build up here as well, together with all the people that I've met. But as my mother said: at least you will leave with a good feeling, which is very important. I will have good memories later on in my life.

Last week has been really sunny and hot, which makes it really difficult to sleep in my room at night, as my room is on the top floor. Which means sun from 9-2, almost the hottest time of the day. On monday I have gone out to dinner with my parents, just the last time before they would go home (tuesday, quite early). We went to a restaurant where we had been before. At this restaurant were 2 really cute waiters, but unfortunately they did not work on monday. We had another waiter though, who was really nice as well. And that's not always the case, it seems like the Greek people have never heard of being friendly to customers. They work somethings with very grumpy faces, like they don't like their work.

All days look a bit the same last weeks, except for the days that I have class. Tuesday I slept for a long time and after that I went to the laundry, as I had loads of dirty clothes again. The Wednesday I went to school from 10 to 2 (Globalization and Internal Relations). Quite boring both, and we were also the only ones that had class, as on wednesday the students had elections. Just don't ask me what it was for....

Thursday was a really long day. I had to go to school from 9 to 4, which is ridiculous here in Greece. Everyone was surprised that we had to go to school for such a long time. But the fact is that we've missed already so many classes that we will have many busy weeks now, to make up these lost classes. Not fun, but necessary. At least I won't have to worry anymore about what to do..
The evening/night was quite fun. I've been to my first Erasmus party!! (With all the Erasmus exchange students). I could go there, because it was in the open air, so the smoke wouldn't bother me. Kirstie has made a couple of pictures, but as this computer can't find my USB-stick, I will put some pictures on here another day.
Promoting Amstel ;-) (Andy, Kirstie, me)
Kirstie, me, Mark
Friday and saturday were both beach days. Friday I went to A beach nearby Epanomi with Marijn, Levinia and Mieke. Saturday I went to a different beach with Andy, Kirstie and Mark. This beach was a little bit closer than the one on friday, but also more touristic. I swam in the sea for the first time that I'm here!! It was great, and it was so hot that you just couldn't lay on the beach. I just had to go into the sea all the time. I don't want to know what the summer will be like. It's supposed to get hotter...
Isn't it beautiful... (On the right: view on Thessaloniki)

Yeah, swimming in the sea!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Long time no see

It has been quite a while ago that I posted a blog, but my life at the moment is far from exciting. Of course last week, my parents arrived, which is also one of the reasons that I haven't posted anything. Greece also seems to have a healthy effect on my internet use. As I do not have my own computer and no internet access, I just don't feel like walking half an hour (including the way back) to check my e-mail and write a blog. And as I only check my e-mail and find some information for school, I don't have to go every day.

After I have been to Halkidiki with Levinia and Marijn, some calm weeks passed by. The tuesday after that sunday, I went to Halkidiki (again) and after that I had 3 days of 'lessons'. Internal Relations was quite interesting, as a person from Turkey was invited by our teacher and started talkingto and disucssing with us about the EU and Turkey; why should Turkey join the EU, why not. It was a quite interesting class, but there were also a lot of contradictions (in my opinion). The weekend after was quiet, as the other Dutch girls had left the wednesday night before to go to Istanbul. I had decided not to go with them, as I do not feel on my best, and every trip takes a lot of energy. I didn't feel like to be sick when my parents would come.

Because that monday, my parents and Suzanne arrived here in Thessaloniki! It was great to see my parents again, although I always say that I don't miss them that much (playing tough ;-) ). So last week I've seen them every day and we've done a lot of things. The tuesday we went to Halkidiki (yes, again...) but the weather wasn't that good. In fact, everyday of their week that they've been here has been clouded, except for today. This was a pity, but there's nothing to do about it. The wednesday, I went to school (but unfortunately, I didn't have class due to the great communication with my teachers.... not) and they have made a trip through Thessaloniki. I think the've already seen more than I have, haha.
Thursday, after I had handed in my essay (for which I had to wait 1,5 hour...), we went to Vergina. Here is the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. We've seen 4 tombs, and lots of treasures, which were found together with the body.

Friday we went shopping in Thessaloniki, as they have a street here (Tsimniski) full of designer stores (and of course cheaper ones, such as Zara, Bershka, etc.) Suzanne has bought a skirt and a vest and I have found a cute black dress.

The saturday we went to Meteora. The landscape there is beautiful and ridiculous at the same time. You just can't imagine how these mountains have formed. The 6 monastries that you can visit, are all build on top of such rocks. We have visited three of them, from which I only remember the last one (Stefanou). As the trip towards Meteora was quite a big one (3 hours to, and 3 hours back, by car) we decided to have a calm day today, so we went to find a quiet beach, near Epanomi. After a while driving and dismissing 3 other beaches, we found a very nice one, where we've spend a while. Laying in the sun (yes, it has returned!) and making cryptogrammes, we spend our day there.

Tomorrow is the plan to go to Kavala. I'm not sure yet if I will join them, as I already feel not so good for almost a week. I'll just go to bed early tonight, and decide tomorrow, early in the morning, because I actually really want to see it.

A long story, but hopefully you enjoyed it. At least you know that I'm still okay over here. Pictures will be put on here the next time, as they are still on my camera.