Tuesday, July 24, 2007


That's what I call the weather. In the time that I'm home there has been no sun, except for a few days. It's miserable weather, and it makes me feel miserable. Instead of biking around, going to the park or the beach, I'm stuck in this house, because it doesn't stop raining. If wouldn't have my IV, I would go to the swimming pool every day (I'm planning to improve my condition). Of course, this will only take about an hour, which means that the rest of my day is still empty. Tamara is far away (she is also bored) and Gerben is still working for his graduation.

Yesterday, however, I saw a post at the V&D that they're still looking for holiday employees (principially people that want to continue the work after vacation on saturdays and thursdays). Suddenly a light popped up in my mind: idea. I just get a application form and try to get some kind of job. Which is what I did. Filling in still needs to be done, because I'm doubting about working after vacation when I have school again. I think I will, because last years I've almost never done something on a saturday... And in this way I feel a bit more useful in society ;-)

Of course there is the possibility that they won't hire me, because of my disease (which I will tell honestly about), but one can always try.

"No is what you have, and yes is what you can get"


Although I feel that I'm doing even less than nothing over here and this is partly true, because of my IV. I always feel that it keeps me from doing active things. In the case of the swimming pool this is of course true, but when it concerns biking it is of course total rubbish. In the last case, the weather is to blame.

Last thursday, when the sun was shining bright and the sky as blue as the sea or just as blue as the sky can be on sunny days. The sun started the day with a little hesistation, hidden behind clouds, so I didn't pull on my bikini and sandals. A big mistake, so we (Gerben and me) learned later on. When we finally arrived at the beach (after some food shopping at the supermarket of course), the sky had cleared himself of all these clouds and it started to get HOT. Of course lots of people at the beach had expected it, so they were dressed in swim suits and were swimming and sunbading. It wasn't that bad after all, because I coudn't go swimming with my IV of course. But it was a pity to see other people doing so. Luckily, it wasn't that bad as it was in Greece before I left...

After some sun-enjoyment, some sticking to a part of the barbed wire (Gerben) and a short visit to the Haga, just to make sure that everything would be fine, we returned home, where we've lit the fire on a small throw-away-barbecue. In the last rays of light, we've enjoyed our dinner on my little terrace.

The next sunny day (wow, only 2 days later!!) we were at the house of Gerben's parents. They have a sailing boat, so we've spent almost the whole day on the water, after some good sleep.

Of course something was wrong with my medicinens (which always is). I hadn't checked my insuline well, so I was running out of it. A quick call to the doctor in Assen (the closest one to Beilen) and pharmacy proved that it doesn't have to be that much trouble as I have normally with my own pharmacy in the Hague... Only half an hour after the call, we could pick it up at the pharmacy. I didn't even have to drop in at the doctor's office.

The rest of the day was great, and so was the next day. Although sunshine interchanged quickly with heavy rainfalls a couple of times (it looked like we were in some tropical area, really!), we could sit outside for most of the times. A neighbour of Gerben's parents came by with pictures of Egypt, where her boyfriend lives, and after that we went to the vegetable garden that the parents of Gerben own. Here I've done some digging (potatoes) picking (beans) and pulling (carrots), which we ate partly that night and part of it we took home.

I really liked doing that and I have to say: it really is better than the food that comes from the supermarket!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some questions and remarks


I have added a guestbook. I have heard from several people that the option to leave a reaction (which is placed under every massage) is not quite clear. Therefore, I have looked for a guestbook that is easy in use, and which I could easily subscribe to. So, the next time that you want to leave a reaction, you can also do it in the Guestbook (click on the pencil under the links).


Now I am back in the Netherlands, I am wondering whether I should continue to write in English or start over again in Dutch. I don't know who is reading my blog, but if there are still some people who are not Dutch (and cannot read Dutch as a result), please let me know. In that case I won't switch to Dutch again.


Should I change the name of my blog again? I am not living at Matsi street anymore, so it doesn't really make sense. But it has happened before that because of a change, people could not find my blog anymore...

Let me know! :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Back to...

Unfortunately, instead of being a full week in Denmark, we only stayed there for 3 days and were back at sunday night.

What happened?

Well, on the day of our departure my pac (port-a-cath) already acted a bit weird (hurting, itching) for 3 days. So I decided to call the doctor, just to make sure that it wasn't something bad. However, it also didn't sound good to him and the person of home-care (who came by to check the pac out). I was quite nervous and stressed, because in 4 hours the bus would leave. Luckily, they decided that I still could go, as actually nothing was to be seen at the spot of my pac, but if I could return earlier instead of next thursday (so, actually yesterday), that would be better. So in Denmark, Gerben and I have tried to change our ticket to the monday (the only day that the bus would leave earlier). However, this bus was full, so we could only hope that at least I could leave with one of the other Dutch people that were present at the wedding, as I started to have even a more short breath than before. (My plan was to call the doctor after Denmark). Luckily, there was one guy that had place left in his car. So the day after the wedding, we already left Denmark again to go home.

So last Monday, I've immediately called the doctor with the message "I'm back" and "I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible".

And that's where I still am. I will go home on monday, to finish the cure at home. I didn't want to go earlier, as I was really tired and didn't feel good. After all, at home there is so much more to do (cooking, dishwashes, going to the supermarket, keeping the house clean etc.) I want to feel better before I go home and have to do all that stuff.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Off to...

Sometimes I feel like one of those people who come home, stay there for a couple of days and leave again before they've even unpacked their luggage. Now, I HAVE done that part, one week ago. Today, I can start packing again, because tonight (10 pm) Gerben and me will leave for 1 week to go to Denmark, Aarhus to be exact. One of his friends is getting married with a Danish girl, so the wedding is in Denmark. Enough reason for us to add a little vacation there.

One disadvantage: We have to be in the bus from 10 (pm) till 1 pm the next day, so that's quite a long trip. Airplane and train were too expensive (and the train also takes 11 hours).

I have never been in one of the Scandinavian countries, so I'm excited. Lots of people say that it is really nice there. We'll see...


Azythromycine, claritromycine, ciprofloxacine, flucloxacilline and colistine. That's the mix of antibiotics I take at the moment. Thanks to this, I have practically a constant headache, and my stomach doesn't feel quite right.

So hopefully it will do its work, otherwise....
(Didn't find a picture of the flucoxacillin)