Monday, February 19, 2007

In Greece

Well, here I am, in Greece, on a Greek computer. It has been a weird and very enervating day and night for me. We had to get up at 1 o'clock, so that we coulad leave at 1:30 am. My parents and Gerben would bring me to the airport in Dusseldorf.
There I checked in at a quarter before 4, and after that we drunk a cup of coffee. I didn't leave any fluids in my handluggage, as we had no plastic bags, and there were none at the airport. They could only be bought at the shops, which were of course closed at 4 in the morning.

Then at a quarter before 5, I really had to say goodbye to my parents, but especially to Gerben. We have lived so close the last months, it's going to be really hard months for me, that's for sure. I got easily through the customs office, although I had double hand luggage. One with fluids (medicines) and another with antibiotics.
The airplane left at 6 o'clock, and 5,5 hours later I finally arrived in Thessaloniki. We made a stopover in Athens, which was a really nice airport to see. Blue and white, the colors of Greece. During the flight, I have slept of course, but I have also made some very nice pictures of the sunrise and the alps. Unfortunately there is no possibility at this computer to upload the photo's. I hope I can do that when school starts (if it starts).

When I arrived, Levinia, Mieke and Marielle were there to pick me up, and together we took the bus the Thessaloniki itself. However, Matis Street, where we have our accomodation now, did not have a direct busline, so we have walked up the hills, a long long way with those heavy bags of mine. They all have helped very well :), that was really nice. I was so exhausted of carrying my backpack and being awake for such a long time, with only small hours of sleep in between. After we decorated our rooms a bit, we walked down towards the sea again, to find the (only?) pizza place in Greece ;-). There we have eaten a very nice pizza, and after that we decided what we had to buy to make our rooms a bit more livable. Unfortunately, due to carnival, all shops are closed, so we couldn't buy any food or toiletpaper. Luckily, after asking one of the natives, we found one (expensive) shop. But we have at least something to eat!

The room itself is very small, but livable, I think ;). We also have our own toilet and shower but....
You are not allowed to thro toiletpaper through the toilet, you have to put it in the waste bin. The shower is also not really a shower, but a shower head that is put on the tap...
I hope I can get used to it. I did really felt weird this afternoon, like I did not and wouldn't fit here. But hey, I am tired and I'm here for not more then 12 hours now, so I hope the feeling will get better.

I'm going to shut down the internet now, and go home, eat something and fall into a deep, deep sleep....


Fred said...

Hoi Judith,
heel veel plezier daar! Hoop dat je conditie snel beter wordt! (Door al die heuvels klimmen)
Groeten en ook nog succes met de studie.


Anonymous said...

hey juud!
leuk je verhalen in t engels te lezen! hopelijk voel je je snel thuis!!! :D Ben benieuwd hoe je eerste colleges enzo daar zijn!!
liefs hanneke