Sunday, March 16, 2008

Short message

It has only been 1 day ago that I arrived, but I already start thinking how to formulate my messages for my blog in English. So this blog will be in English. Maybe the next one will be in Dutch again, as I will have traveled with Gerben at that time and have spoken more Dutch than English.

At this moment we are staying at the house of an aunt and uncle (El and Arthur) of Gerben. They have three children: Jacob, Megan and Katherine. Yesterday, El and Gerben were at the aiport to pick me up after this long, long flight of about 31 hours (included waiting at the airports in London and LA). Except for the distance and time, the flight has been a very good one. Much space for your legs (and I don't need that much, so very comfortable for me), lots of food and snacks (I had asked for vegetarian meals and those was very good) and very kind steward(esse)s. In the airplane from Amsterdam to London I started talking to a girl from whom I'd heard that she went to Auckland as well. The same flight as me (via LA), so we decided to travel to Auckland together. It was by the way very easy to talk to some other people as well, so I did in the middle of the night on our flight from LA to Auckland, because I couldn't sleep. I hadn't expected that, because I had been awake until we were in LA. This means that I was awake for 25 hours, since the moment I got up on Thursday. When we left LA I slept for about 5 hours and that was it. I couldn't sleep anymore! I expected to have the worst jetlag ever at the moment, but that is also NOT the case. Okay, I am a bit more tired that usual, but I don't feel like I want to sleep all the time. I can stay awake pretty good.

Today I have done some shopping with Katherine and her best friend. The mall here just looks like one of the malls in America. Not only the malls, but also other things remind me of Florida, which is a funny feeling on one side, but an awkard on the other side. We went by car to the mall and when you look around while driving, you have a beuatiful view (haven't made photo's of it yet). There are houses everywhere, but unlike in the Netherlands, they are not so closely built together. In between every house there are lots of trees and plants, which I think makes the view so nice. I already told Gerben that I could imagine people wanting to live in New-Zealand. After only 1 day!

The shopping was very nice. I have bought a very happy skirt (with lots of colours) and 2 shirts. The clothes are very cheap in comparison with the Netherlands, so it was really difficult for me not to buy too much ;). Otherwise , I would still have spent too much money.

Bah, Gerben heeft drop gegeten.

Anyway, I hear that the others are preparing dinner, so I think I'll go there and help them (somehow).

E noho ra!


Martine said...

Hey Judith!,
Nice to read your Blog simetimes, especially when you're so far away! Have a nice time there!Of which I think it will succeed!
Lots of love, Martine

Tamara M. said...

E noho ra? Vertaling?:P

Zeg dat Gerben van de drop af moet blijven, 1 maand kan dat toch wel?;)

Leuk dat je vlucht wel prettig verliep en dat je geen jetlag hebt enzo:)

xxx Tamara

Jannie said...

Leuk leuk leuk je update! Ik zo benieuwd hoe het daar is en wat je allemaal gaat beleven! :) Enjoy!

Gerda Schepers said...

Hee Judith!

Gelukkig is je vlucht goed / prettig verlopen! Heel veel plezier daar met z'n tweetjes en enjoy!!!

Groetjes, Gerda