Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's not always sunshine

Literally and figurative. It is still cloudy here, which makes it already a whole week. I ahve heard from the Erasmus students who are already here since september, that it hasn't been that cloudy and cold for such a long time since they're here. This makes me quite sad of course, as the weather is the main reason that I've chosen to go to Greece ;-).

My body isn't also acting great the last couple of days. For the ones who want to know: My intestines are really bothering me. Pain at some places. So today I have bought many products which contain many vessels (like kiwi's, apples, rye bread, etc.). The most common bread they sell here is namely white bread. So I hope it will get better soon.

Furthermore, we have vacation already! After only 3 weeks of 'studying', we're coming closer to Eastern, which means two weeks off in Greece! One before, and one after, as Eastern is a very important celebration, more than Christmas.
It may sound weird to some people, but I am not ready to have another vacation already. We have just started, I'm building up a rhythm, etc. Also a lot of people leave Matsi, which is of course logical, but still. It's getting empty and quiet. I myself can't really go somewhere. One or 2 days would be fine, but I just can't take too many things. But, if everything's going fine with my intestines, I will go to Santorini the last 4 days! The other girls (Mieke, Marielle & Levinia) will go 'island hopping' these 2 weeks, and the last days they will spend at Santorini. I'm really looking forward to go there, together with a couple of other persons from Matsi.

It seems that the sun is trying to break through the clouds, so.... see you!

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