Thursday, April 05, 2007

Eastern Vacation

So, here I am, all alone. Almost everyone living in Matsi has left at the moment, to go travelling or go home. There are about 5 people left, but it is still cosy ;).

Last days I haven't done much. Sleeping a lot, my intestines do work better, but now my throat has decided to be annoying, so it already hurts for 2 days. I hope I won't get sick, or get a cold (again).
The sun has shone last monday and tuesday. Unfortunately it did not continue, so yesterday all we saw were clouds. Even worse: In the evening it started raining so badly that my shoes and socks were totally wet. So when we (Elise, Lizzy and Flip) arrived at the dormitory of a guy where we were supposed to have a barbeque (uhuh...) we (Elise and me) needed dry socks and a sweater from him, that's how cold and soaked we were. It was really like going back to the Netherlands....

Instead of the barbeque, we have just eaten bread and ordered pitagyros (the guys) and fries. We watched a movie, but I can't remember the name. I will tell you more later, but now I have to go, because the library will close at 12. Because of Eastern....

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Mieke said...

hey judith,

Leuk om je verhalen over Griekenland te lezen! Jammer dat het weer niet zo goed is, maar ik weet zeker dat het binnenkort een stuk beter zal worden. Ik had gisteren mijn laatste lessen, dus nu alleen nog maar 2 weken tentamens. Hoeveel vakken heb je nu? Ik had er 4, maar dat was meer dan genoeg :s. Succes met school en veel plezier in Griekenland!