Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, I have just send an e-mail to my coordinator here with the courses I want to follow this Spring semester.

And this is the list that I have chosen:
  • "The Language of Documentary" from prof. Paschalidis
  • "Interviewing" from prof. Valiouli
  • "Talk, Interview and Discussion Programmes" from prof. Valiouli
  • "Media Management" from prof. Tsourvakas (our coordinator as well)
  • "Television and Entertainment" from prof. Banou
  • "Globalization and the Arts" from prof. Baltzis

I know it is a lot, but I have decided to take 6 course, instead of 5, as I don't know which one I should leave out. If I take a couple of lessons, I have more insight in the courses and will make a better decision. And maybe I will keep all 6 of them, you'll never know...

As we could only choose out of 8 courses. The two courses that I did not take are "Electronic Mass Media Technology" as it is way too technical (I've heard). The other one is International Relations in the 21st Century. It seemed too political for me, and not attractive at all, so it was easy to leave that one out as well.

It's getting busy in this computer room, and warm, andpeople are smoking. I'm also done with what I wanted to do on the internet.

So I'm leaving this computer and will try the lunch at the University Resturant (I haven't tried that one yet, only dinner).


Tamara said...

Very weird, smoking in front of people, that's ok, but smoking in front of books is wrong... It almost seemed to be that a book is more important than a human being... weird...

(If my english isn't correct, please tell me:P)

with love, your twinsister

Anonymous said...

Heeeey Juudje!
-thinking about commenting in dutch but decided against it-
It took me a while to read everything you posted, Cause I haven't been online for aaages... I was either smiling, or actually laughing out loud at your posts.. Glad you're having fun!
Love from Egypt,
Sjors ^__^