Saturday, March 03, 2007

Still no student pass

Last thursday we had an appointment wit hour teacher, so we could finally get our student pass (Paso) and choose our courses. However, we have waited for 45 minutes, but nobody came. Today we received an e-mail that he has also been waiting in front of the door, but we haven't seen anybody, and he hasn't seen us!
So we went down to the boulevard again and we have sat in the sun for 2 hours, it was so good! Friday the sun was there again and today again! It was actually pretty hot, I think it was over 20 degrees Celsius. Pfoe, I'm not used to this kind of temperature in March already.

We have decided to go to the beach tomorrow in Chaldici (I don't know how to write it), because it seems to become another nice day. It is 2 hours with the bus, so I hope it's worth it! As I said in my last blog: The coastline of Thessaloniki is only boulevard, it's so boring.
Some more pictures:
Waiting for the professor.....

Pjotr from Poland in his shorts acting funny. He lives also in Matsi.

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