Monday, March 05, 2007


Finally we know our future in Thessaloniki. Today we had a meeting with all Erasmus students and the teachers from our school and they have said that at leas our classes will continue, as we really have to get our credits.

So we got a list with 8 courses from which we can choose. Not much, especially if you know that we have to do at least 5 courses, because the number of credits per course has changed. First it would be 6 credits per course, but now it is only 5 credits.
This week we have to send an e-mail to all the teachers who will give us these courses, and next week our school will finally start. If it is not possible to give lessons in 'our' building, they will look for an other place.

"We will, and have to find, a solution for everything"

Which is great, isn't it?

Last saturday we have seen the house of Ataturk, here in Thessaloniki. He was born here, so that's why his house is here. They made a museum of the house, but before we could enter it, we had to go by the Turkish embassy (I don't know how to write that). They were really nice, and one of them asked us where we came from. So we told them that we were from the Netherlands and our friends from France.

"Oh the Netherlands, yeah I've been there. In Deventer and Amsterdam"

Deventer? What would you do in Deventer when you go to the Netherlands?
So I've told him that I'm from Deventer too.
The museum itself was quite boring, there were a lot of pictures from Ataturk himself: With the prince of Sweden, with the king of Yugoslavia, etc. When we left the building, we received some books and a map op Istanbul. That was very nice, because it can be very useful when we are going to Istanbul. Which we will do, of course.

Yesterday we went to the beach (Chalkidiki/es, Kallithea), and it was really nice weather. I've been in the sun for a long time, in my bikini, so it was even hot enough for that. And I'm not burned! Which always happen the first couple of times when I go into the sun.

We have decided to go to the Prespa Lakes tomorrow, or in the weekend, as Marijn (a Dutch girl, who lives in Matsi as well) will have to start her classes tomorrow. Otherwise, we will go this weekend. We are going with 8 of 9 people, and we rent 2 cars, which is cheaper than buy a ticket for the bus.

The next time, I will put some pictures on the site again!

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Anonymous said...

hoi lieverd,

gelukkig zeg!!! eindelijk komt er schot in de zaak - welke 'courses' ga je kiezen?
enne.... nu komen wij in mei niet 'voor niets' naar Thessaloniki...:)

gr. Ineke