Tuesday, July 24, 2007


That's what I call the weather. In the time that I'm home there has been no sun, except for a few days. It's miserable weather, and it makes me feel miserable. Instead of biking around, going to the park or the beach, I'm stuck in this house, because it doesn't stop raining. If wouldn't have my IV, I would go to the swimming pool every day (I'm planning to improve my condition). Of course, this will only take about an hour, which means that the rest of my day is still empty. Tamara is far away (she is also bored) and Gerben is still working for his graduation.

Yesterday, however, I saw a post at the V&D that they're still looking for holiday employees (principially people that want to continue the work after vacation on saturdays and thursdays). Suddenly a light popped up in my mind: idea. I just get a application form and try to get some kind of job. Which is what I did. Filling in still needs to be done, because I'm doubting about working after vacation when I have school again. I think I will, because last years I've almost never done something on a saturday... And in this way I feel a bit more useful in society ;-)

Of course there is the possibility that they won't hire me, because of my disease (which I will tell honestly about), but one can always try.

"No is what you have, and yes is what you can get"

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Fred said...

En, wordt je een la Place medewerkster??

Groeten Fred