Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some questions and remarks


I have added a guestbook. I have heard from several people that the option to leave a reaction (which is placed under every massage) is not quite clear. Therefore, I have looked for a guestbook that is easy in use, and which I could easily subscribe to. So, the next time that you want to leave a reaction, you can also do it in the Guestbook (click on the pencil under the links).


Now I am back in the Netherlands, I am wondering whether I should continue to write in English or start over again in Dutch. I don't know who is reading my blog, but if there are still some people who are not Dutch (and cannot read Dutch as a result), please let me know. In that case I won't switch to Dutch again.


Should I change the name of my blog again? I am not living at Matsi street anymore, so it doesn't really make sense. But it has happened before that because of a change, people could not find my blog anymore...

Let me know! :)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

ik denk dat jij moet schrijven in de taal waar jij je het beste bij voelt.
ik schrijf in het nederlands, maar als ik hier zin in heb, durft dat engels worden :)

en je blognaam veranderen, goh, ik vind 'm wel leuk eerlijk gezegd :D