Thursday, July 05, 2007

Off to...

Sometimes I feel like one of those people who come home, stay there for a couple of days and leave again before they've even unpacked their luggage. Now, I HAVE done that part, one week ago. Today, I can start packing again, because tonight (10 pm) Gerben and me will leave for 1 week to go to Denmark, Aarhus to be exact. One of his friends is getting married with a Danish girl, so the wedding is in Denmark. Enough reason for us to add a little vacation there.

One disadvantage: We have to be in the bus from 10 (pm) till 1 pm the next day, so that's quite a long trip. Airplane and train were too expensive (and the train also takes 11 hours).

I have never been in one of the Scandinavian countries, so I'm excited. Lots of people say that it is really nice there. We'll see...

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Kelly said...

Ik ben al in Zweden en Finland geweest
fantastisch gewoon
Finland is m'n tweede thuis en ik plan ooit te verhuizen naar daar

veel plezier in Denemarken!