Friday, July 13, 2007

Back to...

Unfortunately, instead of being a full week in Denmark, we only stayed there for 3 days and were back at sunday night.

What happened?

Well, on the day of our departure my pac (port-a-cath) already acted a bit weird (hurting, itching) for 3 days. So I decided to call the doctor, just to make sure that it wasn't something bad. However, it also didn't sound good to him and the person of home-care (who came by to check the pac out). I was quite nervous and stressed, because in 4 hours the bus would leave. Luckily, they decided that I still could go, as actually nothing was to be seen at the spot of my pac, but if I could return earlier instead of next thursday (so, actually yesterday), that would be better. So in Denmark, Gerben and I have tried to change our ticket to the monday (the only day that the bus would leave earlier). However, this bus was full, so we could only hope that at least I could leave with one of the other Dutch people that were present at the wedding, as I started to have even a more short breath than before. (My plan was to call the doctor after Denmark). Luckily, there was one guy that had place left in his car. So the day after the wedding, we already left Denmark again to go home.

So last Monday, I've immediately called the doctor with the message "I'm back" and "I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible".

And that's where I still am. I will go home on monday, to finish the cure at home. I didn't want to go earlier, as I was really tired and didn't feel good. After all, at home there is so much more to do (cooking, dishwashes, going to the supermarket, keeping the house clean etc.) I want to feel better before I go home and have to do all that stuff.


sandy said...

Hoi judith,
Hopelijk voel je je gauw weer beter en kun je weer naar huis (om het huishouden weer te doen) Grapje...sterkte enz.
groetjes sandy

Fred said...

Hoi Judith,

jammer dat je niet langer in Denemarken kon blijven.
Nooit gedacht dat je ook moest huishouden. (Je hebt Gerben toch?)

Hou je haaks en de groeten.


Tamara said...

Hey Juudje, fijn dat je maandag weer naar huis kan/mag:P

Maar je bent weer in Nederland, dus je mag opzich best weer nederlands praten;)

xxx Tamara