Monday, August 06, 2007

No work yet

Well, obviously the V&D does not even take the energy to let me know that they don't wanna hire me. It has been almost 2 weeks ago that I've handed in the form. I thought they needed people...

Also the newest Harry Potter is still not read by me. I've ordered the book about 2 weeks ago, at the ECI-club, but they had to order it first. I called them last friday to ask how long it would take, and they hoped to receive the books this wednesday. So after wednesday I will also finally know how the story ends...

In the meantime I have just subscribed at the library. Last weeks I have rented 7 books, which are all finished, except for 1. That's what happens if there's nothing to do, and the sun doesn't want to shine: My passion for books arises.

Of course I have done SOME things. Yesterday, I've gone to the camping site where Rick and Tamara have placed themselves for 2 weeks. As it was quite hot yesterday, we have gone to the lake at the border of the camping site.
The days before (friday and saturday), I have visited Jonathan one of my friends who lives in Belgium. I have seen his place in Gent where he lives now, and we have biked to the centre of Gent. The next day we have just made a walk to the centre, and ate an ice cream as it was quite warm that day. Great ice cream by the way, also in his home town St. Niklaas (where we had eaten an ice cream on friday, before we went to Gent). Talamini can learn something from that.

And last monday I went swimming for the first time since a long time. It was great and it feels so much better than running, which just costs me too much energy.

It's a pity that the weather is so bad. Otherwise I could go to the sea more often...

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