Monday, April 23, 2007


After I came back from Santorini, everything has turned back to normal. I went to school, enjoyed the returned sunshine and as a result went to Halkidiki last sunday (for the second time). This time we didn't go to Kalithea, but to a small village called Psakoudia (don't know how to write it). The woman that had helped us at the Halkidiki busstation had told us that it was 'a great beach!' Really beautiful. So we went there, and after 1,5 hour in the bus we arrived in the village.


Well, now I don't know what her interpretation of beautiful is, but it's not what we saw. The road, which was connected immediately with a small beach, full of white Americans and Germans... Horrible. However, right before the bus stopped we had seen a quite nice part of the beach, so we decided to walk there. It was the right decision. No people, beautiful surrounding and the galara (relaxing) sound of the sea in front of us. So Marijn, Levinia (Mieke was with her boyfriend and Marielle didn't feel like relaxing on the beach) and me have spent about hours there, just lying on the beach, listening to music, sleeping, and enjoying the sun.

And now it's already monday. I have just send an e-mail to my teacher of Interview, Talk and Discussion, to tell her that I have decided to go on with Interviewing, and drop this just called course. The information is almost the same and I feel more like writing. So now it's only 6 courses left!!

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