Sunday, May 06, 2007

Long time no see

It has been quite a while ago that I posted a blog, but my life at the moment is far from exciting. Of course last week, my parents arrived, which is also one of the reasons that I haven't posted anything. Greece also seems to have a healthy effect on my internet use. As I do not have my own computer and no internet access, I just don't feel like walking half an hour (including the way back) to check my e-mail and write a blog. And as I only check my e-mail and find some information for school, I don't have to go every day.

After I have been to Halkidiki with Levinia and Marijn, some calm weeks passed by. The tuesday after that sunday, I went to Halkidiki (again) and after that I had 3 days of 'lessons'. Internal Relations was quite interesting, as a person from Turkey was invited by our teacher and started talkingto and disucssing with us about the EU and Turkey; why should Turkey join the EU, why not. It was a quite interesting class, but there were also a lot of contradictions (in my opinion). The weekend after was quiet, as the other Dutch girls had left the wednesday night before to go to Istanbul. I had decided not to go with them, as I do not feel on my best, and every trip takes a lot of energy. I didn't feel like to be sick when my parents would come.

Because that monday, my parents and Suzanne arrived here in Thessaloniki! It was great to see my parents again, although I always say that I don't miss them that much (playing tough ;-) ). So last week I've seen them every day and we've done a lot of things. The tuesday we went to Halkidiki (yes, again...) but the weather wasn't that good. In fact, everyday of their week that they've been here has been clouded, except for today. This was a pity, but there's nothing to do about it. The wednesday, I went to school (but unfortunately, I didn't have class due to the great communication with my teachers.... not) and they have made a trip through Thessaloniki. I think the've already seen more than I have, haha.
Thursday, after I had handed in my essay (for which I had to wait 1,5 hour...), we went to Vergina. Here is the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. We've seen 4 tombs, and lots of treasures, which were found together with the body.

Friday we went shopping in Thessaloniki, as they have a street here (Tsimniski) full of designer stores (and of course cheaper ones, such as Zara, Bershka, etc.) Suzanne has bought a skirt and a vest and I have found a cute black dress.

The saturday we went to Meteora. The landscape there is beautiful and ridiculous at the same time. You just can't imagine how these mountains have formed. The 6 monastries that you can visit, are all build on top of such rocks. We have visited three of them, from which I only remember the last one (Stefanou). As the trip towards Meteora was quite a big one (3 hours to, and 3 hours back, by car) we decided to have a calm day today, so we went to find a quiet beach, near Epanomi. After a while driving and dismissing 3 other beaches, we found a very nice one, where we've spend a while. Laying in the sun (yes, it has returned!) and making cryptogrammes, we spend our day there.

Tomorrow is the plan to go to Kavala. I'm not sure yet if I will join them, as I already feel not so good for almost a week. I'll just go to bed early tonight, and decide tomorrow, early in the morning, because I actually really want to see it.

A long story, but hopefully you enjoyed it. At least you know that I'm still okay over here. Pictures will be put on here the next time, as they are still on my camera.

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Tamara said...

En gerechtigheid geschied wederom, want in Nederland was het de hele week prachtig weer:D joechei:P

Maar vind het wel jammer dat ik niet in Griekenland zit hoor:(

xx Tamara