Friday, April 20, 2007

Continuation: Santorini

After dropping our stuff on the great beds, we decided to look around in Fira (the capital city of Thira). Santorini actually exists out of 3 islands: Thira (where we stayed), Thirassia (where we ate) and Aspronisi (with the still-working crater). To get from the city to the water, we had to walk about 20 stairs all the way down. On our way we also walked through donkey poop, as the donkeys are one of the attractions. Instead of walking down, taking the cable car, you could also go up on a donkey. It was really sad, the way the donkeys were treated. We, of course, also didn't like the people at all that made use of the donkeys. So we walked down and took the cable car up (as it was way impossible to walk the whole way up...). We have also seen the lifeguard boats of the 'Sea Diamond', the ship that has sunk a couple of weeks ago. One day later the place where the boat had sunk was also 'shown'. And of course everyone had to take a picture from that spot...
After taking the cable car up, we watched the sunset at Santorini, which was as beautiful as it always is, everywhere you go in Greece.

In the evening, we ate at a tavern and we went to bed quite early, as we were all very tired from the trip.
The next morning, friday, we took the bus to Akrotiri, a little village at the other side of the island. There were supposed to be excavations, but unfortunately we didn't find anything. After that we went to 'Kokkini Paralaia', which means the red beach. Really everything there is red: the rocks, the sand, it looks great. The only disadvantage is the way towards it, as you have to climb all the way up and go all the way down the rocks. But actually I liked doing that, a little bit of action. It's better than only walk some way up, I like climbing more. We have been on the beach for a couple of hours, burning of course (except for me :P). At 3:30 we wanted to take the bus back, but as we're in Greece, the bus didn't arrive until 5:45. After going to a taverna for some dinner, the others went to a disco to go out, and I went back to the hotel to go to sleep, as I was reall very tired.
The next day everyone was ready at 10:30 to go on a boat trip to the other 2 islands. At the first one, we have climbed the volcano and seen the crater. This crater still works, and that can be seen by the smoke that is coming out of it, and of course the smell of rotten eggs. The view was really beautiful as well, so we've played chinese and made hundreds of pictures.
After that we moved on to the hotsprings, at the other side of the islands. Unfortunately, they had not told us that you have to swim towards it, because of the rocks. Of course our boat was the most far away, and the water was freezing cold, so I was not able to make the trip. That was really a pity. The ones who did face the cold water were John, Mieke, Preeti and Peter. Crazy people.
After that we moved on to Thirssia, where we had a little (Greek, so it's big) lunch and enjoyed the sunshine. The last trip to, and stop, was Oía. We were not allowed to go into that city, only when you wanted to stay for the sunset and take the bus back to Fira. Oía seems to have the most beautiful sunset in the world. Unfortunately we had to take the baot at 8 o'clock that evening, as the next day would be the last day of Eastern, so all the boats were fully booked. So we decided to take the night boat. There was a lot of place left, so I thought that I would be able to sleep really well, but the airco was blazing as crazy, so it was freezing cold. But I think I've slept the best of all of them...
Back in Athens (6 o'clock) we heard that also (of course) all the trains were booked as well, only standing places were left. So we had to take those, as there was no other option. So on our way back to Thessaloniki we have changed places quite often. At some point we were even sitting with 7 people on 3 places!!
Everyone: really tired and sleeping at the trainstation of Athens. Me and MArielle were playing 'thousands'

Conclusion: It was a really great trip!! Everyone should see Santorini, as you can only see the real beauty with your own eyes.

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