Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Athens and Santorini: the story

Last week, on a wednesday morning, we took the train at 7:35 am. Our first plan was to take the night train that evening, but Mieke would fly back from the Netherlands that day and she would arrive at 1 in Athens. Of course we wouldn't her to be alone, so we changed plans. At a quarter before six, I got up and at 7 I was ready to go. However, where were the others? I only had seen Jan and Preeti (England) coming down, because they wanted to check something at the train station, so they had already left. The others (Marijn, Peter and John) had overslept, so I had to wake them up! What They were all finished in 15 minutes and at a quarter past 7 we were at the train station.

At 2 o'clock we arrived in Athens, where we have checked in at a hostel. After that we have visited the Acropolis. It was really beautiful, but while we were there, the sun dissapeared behind the clouds and it seemed that it would start raining (of course, why not, we haven't had enough rain yet). Fortunately, it didn't, so we all returned to our hostel safe and dry after a nice meal nearby the hostel.

The next day we had to get up early again (5:30 am) as we wanted to take the boat at 7:30. It would namely take 9 hours to get to Santorini. The boat was quite nice and we had a lot of space, as most people did not go somewhere in the middle of the second week of Eastern.
At Santorini we met Levinia and Marielle, who had been island hopping. They were really tanned!

After 'looking' for a hotel (the hotel-owners were coming to as as bees on honey), we ended up at a really nice hotel called 'the Golden Star', in Fira. Telvision, breakfast, fridge, it was all included in the price (of only 15 euro's per person per night)!

To be continued....

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Anonymous said...

Hey Judith,
Really nice to read about your adventures in Greece! I check your blog at least once a weak and I like it to read a new post!
Have fun, and go on with the writing!
Bye, Marlies Mulder