Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kalo Pasxa!!

It is almost Easter and you can see and hear that everywhere. ‘Kalo Pasxa’ is written on every bus and it is said to you in every store you come. The feeling of Eastern wasn’t quite strong yet, but the last couple of days have made up very well. As written on Thursday, we were kicked out of the library at 12 and yesterday, on Good Friday, the bells of the church were ringing continuously the whole day long.
On Thursday I went shopping for some nice clothes to wear with Eastern, and I really wanted a skirt. So after pushing through loads of people (who also wanted to have nice clothes at Eastern) I found the perfect skirt at Zara. I was in love with it the moment I saw it, and although it was quite expensive (in my opinion) it fitted really well, so I’ve bought it. You will see it on the pictures that I will place here next week, because tomorrow I will take a lot of pictures. I am namely invited with a Greek family to celebrate Eastern.
It went like this: I know the people via Elise, who is my Belgian neighbour here in Matsi. She goes to church here, and I went with her last Saturday. Last Friday, Elise was invited to an eastern gathering of some of her friends from church (whom I had met as well now). She asked Lizzy and me if we wanted to join her, so we did! It was really nice to be there, with 6 nations in 1 house. Sweden, Greece, China, Belgium, Austria and of course the Netherlands were (aanwezig). After a little (mis) and dinner, I was asked what I did with Eastern Sunday, and after they heard that I would probably spend the day alone, they invited me as well (they had already invited Elise and Lizzy will have her boyfriend here). So I will take a lot of pictures tomorrow.

This morning I went running with Elise and Lizzy came later, but she didn’t run, as she didn’t felt well. I ran 1.2 km without stops, so I’m already improving my condition ;-). After that I switched between walking and running.
Afterwards, Elise and me went to the centre of the city, to buy some food we will bring tomorrow. Unfortunately it is packed, so we can’t take a picture of it, but it looks really nice. One is a kind of cake, with lots of chocolate, and the other one is an Easter bread.
Afterwards, I have done a little sunbathing on my balcony, and it is really hot here. It looks like summer in the Netherlands, so I did not wear more than jeans and a tank top when we went to the city. However, here in Greece, everyone looks really weird at you when you do that at this temperature. Some of them are even still wearing the winterjackets!!! They must be really crazy…

And by the way, the boy we met last Wednesday night, also comes from Deventer!! Isn’t that funny. It (blijkt) that he has lived really close to my parents house, and then you meet here in Thessaloniki….
Elise and me on the rainy wednesday night, both wearing socks and a sweater from Matthijs

his is my vacation so far. For now I wish you a Kalo Pasxa!!

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