Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's all sunshine...

Another week has gone by. It seems like time is flying the last 2 months. March went quite slow, but April was gone before I knew it, and the same happens with May. My Greek is still quite bad haha, although I can read all of the Greek letters quite easily now. I have only about 6 weeks left now, and I have to say that I have different feelings about my return in June. At one side I want to go back because of Gerben (of course) and because of my health. On the other side, I will leave a life build up here as well, together with all the people that I've met. But as my mother said: at least you will leave with a good feeling, which is very important. I will have good memories later on in my life.

Last week has been really sunny and hot, which makes it really difficult to sleep in my room at night, as my room is on the top floor. Which means sun from 9-2, almost the hottest time of the day. On monday I have gone out to dinner with my parents, just the last time before they would go home (tuesday, quite early). We went to a restaurant where we had been before. At this restaurant were 2 really cute waiters, but unfortunately they did not work on monday. We had another waiter though, who was really nice as well. And that's not always the case, it seems like the Greek people have never heard of being friendly to customers. They work somethings with very grumpy faces, like they don't like their work.

All days look a bit the same last weeks, except for the days that I have class. Tuesday I slept for a long time and after that I went to the laundry, as I had loads of dirty clothes again. The Wednesday I went to school from 10 to 2 (Globalization and Internal Relations). Quite boring both, and we were also the only ones that had class, as on wednesday the students had elections. Just don't ask me what it was for....

Thursday was a really long day. I had to go to school from 9 to 4, which is ridiculous here in Greece. Everyone was surprised that we had to go to school for such a long time. But the fact is that we've missed already so many classes that we will have many busy weeks now, to make up these lost classes. Not fun, but necessary. At least I won't have to worry anymore about what to do..
The evening/night was quite fun. I've been to my first Erasmus party!! (With all the Erasmus exchange students). I could go there, because it was in the open air, so the smoke wouldn't bother me. Kirstie has made a couple of pictures, but as this computer can't find my USB-stick, I will put some pictures on here another day.
Promoting Amstel ;-) (Andy, Kirstie, me)
Kirstie, me, Mark
Friday and saturday were both beach days. Friday I went to A beach nearby Epanomi with Marijn, Levinia and Mieke. Saturday I went to a different beach with Andy, Kirstie and Mark. This beach was a little bit closer than the one on friday, but also more touristic. I swam in the sea for the first time that I'm here!! It was great, and it was so hot that you just couldn't lay on the beach. I just had to go into the sea all the time. I don't want to know what the summer will be like. It's supposed to get hotter...
Isn't it beautiful... (On the right: view on Thessaloniki)

Yeah, swimming in the sea!

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Anonymous said...

Wow dat ziet er te gek uit Judith!!
Geniet nog maar even want ik hoor net van Tamara dat je in Juni weer richting nederland komt.
Groetjes (zuster) Eva