Thursday, May 31, 2007

Busy for the first time

Time flies indeed. I just saw that it is again more than a week ago that I wrote something here.

However, last week has been quite busy. Suddenly we have to hand in one thing after the other. Yesterday I finished the essay we had to hand in today, and also my feature story that we had to make for Interviewing course. Although this one is not for real yet, I have worked seriously on it, so I will know whether I'm on the right track or not. Furthermore, we have to hand in our essay for Globalization & the Arts next monday. I have now found lots of information and have to start reading it and write my essay. I have 5 days for it: today until monday, as we are allowed to hand it in by e-mail at 10 o'clock in the evening.
I just handed in my last essay for TV & Entertainment. The start of the presentation is always bad, but as the conversation continues, it becomes better. I hoped to get my grade, just as Marielle, Peter and Levinia did. However, nothing about that, I "would get it from mr. Tsourvakas". I think I've passed though ;-).

It has also started to become hot again, so last weekend we went surprising => the beach ! One could find me both saturday and sunday in Epanomi, the closest beach here, which is also the nicest one.

"Saved" by the lifeguard with his broken pink haha.
(The truth: he swam on my lilo and just came out of the water when I decided to go in)

And I've rebooked my flight!! I have just received my e-ticket yesterday. I would officially stay in Greece until the 30th of June, but as I have a lot of problems with my health, I have decided to fly back earlier (as early as possible). This was wednesday the 20th of June, as we have class (officiall) until the 15th of June. We are the only deparment that has class for such a long time, as we started later than the others and we have missed a lot of classes, because the teachers weren't there.
The only thing that I have to send them an e-mail about is the weight of my baggage. On the way to Greece I could take 30 kilos, but now it says that I can only take 20...
So, as you can see on my ticker....I'll be back in 20 days.

I also still have to put some of the pictures on my blog, from the week that my parents were here. However, they did not pick up my hint, so I haven't received any pictures of them yet. Luckily, I was checking my pictures today and I found some nice ones that I made myself.

The three of them in Meteora (no, I'm not on the picture as I took this one...)

My father, in ehh, some place on the first finger of Halkidiki
And yeah, well, Suzanne and I were in the back of the car everyday, having nothing to do, so...

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