Sunday, June 10, 2007

Greek traffic

Before I go home, I really have to write something about the Greek traffic. It can be described in only one word:


but in that case you won't get an idea of it.
Let's start with the Greek mentality: In general, Greek people are very relaxed, easy going people. Never in a hurry, always (too) slow. If you walk on the pavement you will always know which people are Greek and which are not. Just count the people that you pass by, because you think they 'walk to slow'. Waiting in a line of at least 6 people at the supermarket is a normal thing and if you are trying some clothes on, it is possible that the sales men lets you kindly know that he is going to close the store. Which is in the middle of the day: time for a siesta!!
So far the xαλαρa character of the Greek people.


You walk on the streets, because you go to school. From the left, the right, the front and the back: really from every side you will see cars coming at you. If you try to cross the street, it is hardly possible, because all the cars (their drivers) think they are the most important.
There are lots of one-way streets, but you still have to look both ways, as none of the Greek people cares about the signs that are at every corner of the street.

Maximum speed limits are known, but especially in the nights, when the roads are deserted, some cars are driving at least 80 km an hour. Inside the city.

Crossing the junction when the traffic lights are already red for 5 minutes, zebra crossings that are everywhere, but it wouldn't have mind if they weren't, cars parked on the pavement everywhere, cars parked double on the streets; I have seen it all.

But what still scares me the most is that if you finally cross the street, because there are no cars in sight, suddenly a car with crazy speed comes racing around the corner like there is none, and almost hitting you, because you're on the middle of the street (as you thought you could finally cross). And still yelling at you, that you're not allowed to walk on the street, but that you should walk on the pavement. Which is full of parked cars.

Only 9 days left...

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Tamara said...

At least when you're back in The Hague, the traffic there won;t scare you anymore;)