Thursday, June 07, 2007

The end is near...

Three down, 2 to go. Almost all my courses are finished now. Last monday I handed in my essay for Globalization and the Arts, yesterday we had an oral exam for International Relations and tomorrow I will have a discussion on my essay for Globalization and the Arts (how is he going to do that in a full class, where everyone has a different topic?).

The only two writing things left are the PersonalityProfile for Interviewing and the research paper for Media Management.

But there are of course also the fun things! Last thursday there was a concert of a Greek soft-rockband. I like that kind of music, so I went there with Peter, Flip and Mark. At the concert itself, we lost Flip and Peter quickly, but we found Kirstie and Andy. The music was not what I expected it to be, but it was fun. Being in a croud and listening to the same music. I wish knew the songs thought...
The friday after that, there was a Goodby party from Antonio (Spain). The party has continued for a long time, but I went home at around 2 (I think). I was too tired...
The saturday after that, we went out to dinner with half of Matsi. However, as we are in Greece, we ddn't go there earlier than 10 o' clock, and I was home at 2:30. And lots of more parties to come in the near future (good bye parties though).
A couple of days on the beach is of course what I have in mind as well.

Everything goes so quick all of a sudden. All the people living on my floor are disappearing (read: going home) one after the other. Claire, the first one, is already gone for a couple of weeks. Next monday Susie and Lubi will go home and immediately the day after Flip will leave to go back to the Netherlands. The Thursday after that Lizzy and Elise will be gone as well. It's going to be so empty... :-(
Luckily, there are still people downstairs. Peter will stay until the 18th, Marielle until the 21st, Andy/Kirstie and Mark will leave not before the 2nd (although there have been some chages last week). Mieke, Marijn and Levinia will spend even more days. They will not go home before the 5th of July!!

So from next week on, I will have my breakfasts and dinner in the downstairs kitchen again.

And.... only 13 days left before I go home! I will see Gerben again, after full 4 months. I could have never imagined before that I would miss him so much and that 4 months is actually quite a long time if you miss someone.

He is also the main reason that I'm not sad going home. I also will leave when already half of the people that I've spent time with are gone. Next to that we will go on holiday together for 2 weeks. One week camping in Denmark and 1 week of sailing.

I'm excited....
My mood at the moment

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Tamara said...

*har har* You're making me jealous!

(over de *har har*, ik wil naar Pirates 3:D)

xxx Tot over 2 weken:D JEEEJ